General Voting Guide 11-06-2018

Important Voting Reminder – Tuesday, November 6, at the Bedford High School Gym.

The 2018 Elections will be held on Tuesday November 6 at the Bedford High School gymnasium. If you cannot attend, get an absentee Ballot from the Town Clerk.

After careful consideration BTA has decided to endorse a limited list of several candidates based on their strong support for low taxes and fiscal responsibility.

BTA endorses Republicans Linda Gould, Michael Trento, Linda Camarota, and Bart Fromuth for State Representatives to District 7.

We also endorse incumbent Laurie Sanborn for State Representative District 41. All of these people will be excellent common sense Legislators in Concord.

BTA endorses a new face, Libertarian Spencer Dias for State Representative District 7. He is a true believer in limited Government and low taxes.

BTA endorses Eddie Edwards for Representative to Congress. His record of service in the Military and Police speaks for itself. As a Graduate of the FBI Academy he will be fighting to keep America strong and support President Trump’s programs.

For Hillsborough County Sheriff BTA endorses Libertarian Aaron Day who wants to trim the expanding budget.

BTA endorses Republican Dan Hynes for NH Senate, because we want a strong fiscal conservative in the Senate.

Finally, on the NH Constitutional Amendments proposed by the General Court, BTA endorses only Question #1.

Repeating from above, BTA endorses Eddie Edwards for Congress, Dan Hynes for State Senator, Spencer Dias, Linda Gould, Michael Trento, Linda Camarota, and Bart Fromuth for District 7 Representatives to the NH House. We also endorse Laurie Sanborn for District 41 Representative and Aaron Day for Hillsborough County Sheriff. BTA has also decided to endorse only Proposed Constitutional Amendment Question #1.

Joleen J. Worden, President